Types Of Arthritis

Types Of Arthritis

There are various types of arthritis that can be caused by genetics and a disorder of the immune system and could affect your body. The common forms of arthritis could be managed with the right treatment, which is Dermasis. This treatment soothes and moisturizes the skin while penetrating the skin to help control and alleviate the condition in your joints.

Types of arthritis | Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common degenerative joint disease that results from overuse of joints. The disease can strike persons who have suffered an injury. It can also be caused by obesity, aging, dancing and demanding sports. You may feel the effects as the cartilage as it breaks down. As the damage continues, the cartilage starts to wear away and becomes worn. The cushioning effect of the of the joint is lost, which results to symptoms including joint pain, formation of bone spurs, swelling, decreased ability to move and stiffness. If your knees, ankles, feet, spine or hips ache, you can ask you doctor about osteoarthritis. Diagnosis can be difficult at first because the symptoms can vary depending on the affected joint. Nevertheless, Dermasis can improve your symptoms on the way to recovery.

Types of arthritis | Rheumatoid Arthritis

Types Of ArthritisUnlike the wear and tear caused by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis occurs in multiple matching pairs, on opposite sides of the body. The autoimmune disease affects the lining of your joints, flexible organs as well as tissues and organs. It’s characterized by swelling, destruction of the articular cartilage, pain, inflammation and substantial loss of mobility and functionality. Other symptoms include skin fragility, fatigue, lack of appetite, loss of energy, thinning, drug reactions and atrophy of finger skin. Your symptoms can come and go depending on the degree of inflammation. The period between remission and flare may vary.

Dermasis Treatment For Types Of Arthritis

The common denominator of this condition is joint and musculoskeletal pain. Dermasis can relieve the symptoms of the types of arthritis while blocking the body’s ability to cause any more problems.Click Here To Order Dermasis